Considering crowdfunding

One of our competitors put a deal up on a crowdfunding site recently, so far with not-particularly-good results.

Still, it made me think about whether crowdfunding is right for Adaptive.

We have traditionally had a minimum investment of $100k for our deals. This is mostly for ease of administration… each investor, no matter how small, should get a reasonable amount of “love”, and that’s hard to do at smaller dollar values.

But there are now crowdfunding platforms that promise to make it feasible to service investors putting in much smaller amounts of capital.

I think this might be interesting for us, particularly because of this blog. My theory is that there are probably a lot of people who are reading this right now who couldn’t or wouldn’t do $100k but who would like to do $10k.

Am going to investigate the various platforms and see if this model makes sense for us. Meanwhile, if you have an opinion on this, either way, let me know (moses at adaptiverealty dot com).

Obligatory legalese: This blog post is not an offer or solicitation for any investment opportunity.