Two skills kids should have for life

Two things to which I will definitely expose my kids well before they reach adulthood:

  1. Accounting. I know this is kind of lame, but accounting underpins the entire financial world. I regard it as a crime that learning basic accounting wasn’t required of me in highschool or college. Yeah, I would have protested at the time, but the concepts are incredibly important in any part of life having to do with money.
  2. Computer science. My experience is that most people (emphatically including me) are not really cut out to be coders… the kind of mind you need to be good is pretty rare. That said, I think many more people are capable of becoming proficient than currently do. And coding requires, and therefore imbues, some mental habits (grit, creativity, organization) which are beneficial in all aspects of life.

If anyone has any ideas / resources for exactly how I ought to expose Kingsley and Giles to accounting and CS, I’m all ears.