We still get our hands dirty

Sometimes I have this image in my mind of Adaptive as a sophisticated real estate private equity shop.

After all, we raise discretionary investment funds, deploy them, and then (hopefully) harvest the returns for our investors.

But nights like Tuesday snap me back to reality.

Jon and I spent a big chunk of the that evening in the dining room of a man who lives behind a property we own.

We went there to convince this man to let us chop off 2-3 feet of his garage so that we can fit parking for a project we’re doing.

We went back and forth in broken Spanish and eventually made a deal.

Because we did so, we’ll be able to save some cost on our project, improving the returns.

Now, you wouldn’t catch your typical suited real estate money guy anywhere near a negotiation like that.

But that, I think, is what separates us from most people who do what we do: We’re willing to get our hands dirty to wring excess returns out of projects.

And it’s those excess returns that convince people to trust us with their precious capital.

Note: This blog post is not a solicitation of invest or an offer to sell any security.