Brooklyn to the Eastside

Was speaking with an applicant for my as-of-yet-unfilled assistant position yesterday and heard an interesting theory.

Her argument was that many of the creative types who have been living in Brooklyn over the past 5-10 years are moving to LA.

Ordinarily, I would ignore this kind of observation… after all, it’s not exactly backed by data.

And yet it dove-tails with something I’ve noticed in the past year or so: Some large percentage of our applicants for apartments list a current address in Brooklyn.

This makes a certain kind of sense: Our apartments are the best on the market. True, they are expensive compared to others in our neighborhoods. But our asking rents don’t seem very expensive compared to Brooklyn pricing. So, we end up attracting more than our fair share of East Coast refugees.

Guess we should be thanking whomever it is that is chasing all these creative types out of Brooklyn… we certainly welcome their presence here on the Eastside!