Imitation, flattery, blah blah blah

Went to an inspection today on a deal we’re thinking of buying.

This was a weird one, in that the listing broker allowed all the buyers to walk through the property prior to having an accepted offer.

I think this is good practice on the part of the listing broker, because it gives the seller confidence that the buyer she chooses has seen the building and knows what he’s buying.

It also gave me the chance to see some of the other bidders and guess what? I knew about half of them.

One is a guy who bought one of the Better Dwellings buildings from us. Another is actually a client of ours who is writing with one of our agents. Another is someone I’ve seen a few other walk-throughs.

Now, I’m not going to lie: It’s a bit irritating to have to compete against people who are, to one extent or another, copying our business model.

On the other hand, it’s kind of cool that our success has bred imitators.

(Just wish they would go buy shopping centers in Pacoima or something.)