Hello agents!

It has recently come to my attention that many Los Angeles real estate agents read this blog.

It’s not that surprising. After all, as we have discussed here many times, apartment deals, particularly in rent controlled areas like LA, are very, very different from single family or condo deals. And the multifamily training provided to most agents by their brokerages is woefully deficient.

So, it makes sense that agents looking to improve their knowledge of multifamily deals would come here.

What is surprising is that people trying to make careers as brokers in the multifamily world would try to do so at brokerages where multifamily is an after-thought.

Let me therefore offer this invitation: If you are interested in building a career brokering multifamily deals and you like what you read here, get in touch. We are very selective about the agents we bring on. But we are always open to adding talented, honest people to our team.