There’s no substitute for hustle

In our business, there is a lot of money to be made. I personally know agents who have cleared north of $1MM in gross commissions in good years. I know a guy who owns one of the midsize brokerages in LA and I think he clears $5-10MM / year. Obviously, huge asset managers like Blackstone, etc. do 100x that.

But that money doesn’t come for free, because money never does.

Real estate investment is a seriously competitive, risky business with stakes large enough to attract sharp players with big bankrolls.

The amazing thing is that, because it’s easy for banks to take properties back, there is debt available to amateurs, and therefore an opportunity for amateurs to get involved, build a career, and eventually become pros themselves.

But none of this happens without hustle. There is no shortcut to this stuff. You have to look at deals all day, make tons of offers, get in escrow, inspect, figure out what’s wrong and if you can fix it, close deals, screw up, fix your screw ups, sell, make money for yourself and your clients / partners and then do it again and again (and again and again and again).

The game is enormous, there’s plenty of money to be made and every possibility of success. But there’s zero hope unless you’re willing to dive in and make things happen.