Another seminar?

Have been thinking about holding another seminar / property tour.

Think this one would focus on one property we’re currently renovating.

We’d examine the initial listing, our thinking in pursuing the deal, how we got it, what the issues were in diligence, and our pro forma.

Then, we’d go walk the property to take a look at the construction underway.

I’m not sure we’re going to do this… It feels like we’d be giving away a lot of information. But I also think it might be great for the right kind of person: someone with considerable resources to invest and am interest in how this stuff works.

If that sounds like you, please email me at Moses (at) adaptiverealty (dot) com and let me know the following: whether you own properties already, your experience with renovation projects, how actively you are pursuing deals, and anything else that might be helpful for me in getting to know about your suitability for this kind of intense seminar.