A great day for one of our agents

One of our agents just earned a $48k commission for repping both buyer and seller on a deal over the past month or so.

Ordinarily, this blog is mostly about the deals, so I’m sure you’re interested in the details of this one. However, I don’t want to steal the agent’s thunder… so it must suffice to say that both buyer and seller did very well, in my opinion.

What I want to focus on instead is how impressed I am with the continuing professional growth of this agent.

At Adaptive, we make it a point to hire agents for intelligence and judgment, rather than for experience. I’ve always been willing to bet that really smart people with integrity can learn the business quickly (with close supervision by me). And my theory has been that, once these people start to get momentum, they will end up being really, really good, productive agents.

Now that we’ve been at this a while, it seems the strategy is paying off, both for the agents and for us.

The agent in question has been licensed for 19 months, the first half of which he didn’t really commit to working on real estate full-time. Once he started, he slogged through some smaller deals plus a bunch of bigger ones that didn’t quite go, for reasons beyond his control.

Over the last year, though, he’s begun to pick up momentum. And, without getting overly personal, I can tell you this is going to be a pretty decent year for him, money-wise.

And the sky is the limit after that.