What people want

Have been spending a lot of time looking at both apartment and single family home listings.

In general, am absolutely appalled at both the properties on offer and the way in which they are marketed.

Here is what people want:

  • Clean, straight lines
  • Open spaces
  • Minimal detailing
  • Many / large windows
  • White walls
  • Real materials (real wood, real stone, etc.)
  • Modern conveniences like washer / dryer, dishwasher, AC, etc.
  • Outdoor space with access via sliders

Do you know why people want those things? Because they allow people to project their own fantasies onto the space, rather than having to accept someone else’s (awful) idea of style.

The amazing thing is that the above is not that difficult to deliver. And the premium you get in rent / sale price very often makes it worth doing the work to give people what they want.