Am delighted to announce my election to the Mid-City Neighborhood Council.

Regular readers know how much promise I think exists in our neighborhood, which includes (roughly) the area between Venice and the 10, from Culver City all the way east to Koreatown. Mid-City is incredibly well-located: I’ve personally driven to the heart of Culver City in 12 minutes and downtown in 11 minutes. We have some incredible, older homes which I believe are criminally under-valued. Rents are rising. And the commercial building stock will eventually support really interesting retail concepts in the gorgeous old buildings along Washington.

Obviously, I’ve put my money where my mouth is by buying a 4plex and moving my family in.

Now, I’m going to be contributing my time, too.

While our neighborhood has a ton of potential, we also have all kinds of challenges. We still have plenty of crime and blight. And, because of our location, we’re going to experience a ton of development in coming years which needs to be managed / directed to ensure that it enhances the neighborhood, rather than detracts from it (ahem, Midtown Crossing). The NC is very well-positioned to address these issues and more.

I’m grateful to my neighbors for voting for me and excited to get to contribute.