Are you…

Are you…

  1. Honest (this is 100% non-negotiable; you have to be able to put other peoples’ interests above your own)
  2. Smart (book- and street-)
  3. Personable
  4. Energetic

Did you launch into a creative career after college and then find yourself with less cash than you wanted / needed as you entered your mid- to late-20’s?

We have had amazing success training people like you to broker real estate deals. It’s pretty simple: If you’re the right kind of person, we mentor you through the relevant classes (takes around 2-3 months, part-time). Then, you go through training with me. Then, you ride shotgun on a few deals with me. Then, once we’re confident that you know what you’re doing, we start to refer clients to you.

At first, you work on small deals. You call me pretty much every day with questions. After you go through the ringer a few times, you call me less and less often as you start to work on bigger and bigger deals.

If you hustle your butt off and treat your clients like gold, your annual income will look something like this:

  1. Year 1: $30,000 (2-3 small deals)
  2. Year 2: $60,000 (2-4 deals)
  3. Year 3: $90,000 (5-6 deals)

After that, your income is pretty much limited by how hard you work.

Interested? Get in touch.