Silver Lake duplexes nearing completion

We’ve got two wonderful duplexes just south of Sunset nearing completion.

When we help our client buy them, they were in rough shape. There was all kinds of deferred maintenance and the tenants weren’t paying much rent.

The upside was that they were in a fabulous location, non-rent control and had parking, views, decks, and private outdoor space.

Among other things, we squared off some horrible windows, removed a bunch of horrible 1980s detailing, uncovered and polished concrete floors in the kitchens, and expanded some living rooms.

We’re nearing completion and I’m pretty excited. Here are some “work in progress” pics:

image (20)image (19)image (16)

If you’re willing to pay a premium for an apartment with literally everything, shoot an email to Ilana [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com. We begin leasing in about a week and they’ll be ready for move-in during the back half of the month.