Time allocation

The single biggest problem that I have in business right now is figuring out how best to allocate my time.

Everywhere around me, I see opportunity. Adaptive could grow its property management business. Or bring on a ton of agents and ramp up the brokerage. Or raise a new fund. Or try to bring in more / larger fee-for-service clients and grow our fee business.

And, separate from the opportunities I have to grow the business, there are also the things that I need to do on the deals we have going to keep our existing investors and partners happy by living up to the promises that we have made to them.

The longer that I have been in business, the more convinced I have become that the single most important determinant of your level of success (besides luck, which matters a lot) is how you allocate your most precious resource: your time.

I’m not at all convinced I’m doing a good job of it. Anyone have any suggestions?