An interesting book

I’m the kind of dorky dude who reads business books (shocking, I know).

Generally, I find them to be really awful… they’re almost always pitched at neophytes or dilettantes, not people actually in the trenches growing a business.

That said, just finished one that’s pretty good: Business Brilliant, by Lewis Schiff.

The book is an extended argument that there are certain attitudes and practices found in people who make themselves wealthy which are foreign to the kind of middle-class upbringing that most of us had. The evidence is a pair of surveys the author commissioned, one of “normal” middle class, salaried people and the other of self-made millionaires.

As someone who has spent the last ten years or so rejecting/re-thinking the key tenets of upper-middle-class American Jewish child-rearing (basically: do well in school, then go become a lawyer or a doctor), this book spoke to me.

And I think the advice therein is valuable for anyone who is trying to figure out how to go from being on the treadmill of trading your time for a paycheck to really building lasting wealth.