Adaptive Realty, Inc. coming along quite nicely

Regular readers know that Adaptive does a bunch of different things. We run investment funds, do fee-for-service development, manage property, and broker deals.

When we started Adaptive, the “brokering deals” part was just me. Now, we have a well-trained team of agents who are helping investors and owner-users do sensible apartment deals in the gentrifying parts of Los Angeles. The results are pretty clear: If you look at the MLS, you will see that Adaptive, with four active agents (including me), is doing as many deals on apartment buildings up to $3MM as much larger brokerages.

Because Adaptive is relatively young and because I generally oppose selling cashflowing real estate under most circumstances, we have tended to work mostly on the buy-side. That means we’ve had relatively few listings, to date.

But, as our reputation spreads in the market, we are starting to be asked to take on sell-side work, too.

So, I am happy to report that, over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out at least four new apartment listings in interesting areas. We will, of course, send out the details to people on our mailing list first, so that those people get the jump on the general public. (Hint: Join the mailing list!)

Why are we doing listings, when we philosophically oppose selling? Our job isn’t to impose our view of the world on our clients and potential clients. We aim to give them our best advice, even when that advice runs contrary to what they want to hear.

Once we’ve given our best advice, if they want to go another direction, we happily get on-board and execute to the absolute best of our abilities.