Looking for (another) assistant

Jon, my partner, is looking for someone to help him with our construction projects.

The job entails sitting in the (new) office (in Echo Park) and dealing with suppliers. For example, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get the window guys to deliver the windows you ordered, rather than some other windows they arbitrarily decided you ordered. Same thing for counter-tops, appliances, flooring, etc.

The most important traits we’re looking for are:

  1. Honesty (Obviously – we have zero tolerance for dishonesty / lying / obfuscating / etc., because that kind of stuff is potentially career-ending for us.)
  2. Organization
  3. Energy

We don’t need this person to know anything about construction or real estate; that, we can teach. They do have to know how to use spreadsheets and calendars.

The hours are roughly 20 hrs / week with a pretty flexible schedule. We’re offering $20 / hr. to start.

Know anyone? Have them get in touch.