Vegas = Pedestrian Hell

I missed posting the last few days because my family and I were in Las Vegas for my sister-in-law’s wedding.

Made the mistake on my first night there of attempting to walk from the Wynn (where we were staying) to Treasure Island. As the crow flies, that’s roughly 1,000 ft. This being Vegas (and me not being a crow), the walk took 15 minutes and include going up an escalator, over a pedestrian bridge, down an escalator, half a block out of the way, up an escalator, through a mall, down an escalator, and into Treasure Island. Worst walk of my life.

I understand that the urban planners who set up Vegas had two things in mind:

  1. Keep traffic flowing on the Strip; and
  2. Keep people inside casinos, not out on the street.

Still, it’s absolutely crazy that this city, which attracts so many visitors keen to walk around and see the sites, seems determined to ensure they have a terrible time while they do it.

Where are the New Urbanists when you need them?