West Hollywood Rent Survey – November 2012

This week, we’re looking at rents in West Hollywood. Keep in mind that West Hollywood is its own city, separate from Los Angeles and with its own rent-control law. Also, West Hollywood has historically had a fairly progressive view on development, meaning that the city is dense and there are lots of apartments.

All of that said, let’s check the rents for November 2012:

  • Median rent for a studio apartment was $1225 / month, with 50% of the units having parking
  • Median rent for 1 bed / 1 bath apartments was $1599. There was quite a range – the cheapest 1/1 was $1195 and the most expensive was $3550;
  • Median rent for a 2 bed / 1 bath was $1900. Supply was limited, with only nine units on the market when we checked.
  • Median rent for 2 bed / 2 bath was $2298. Almost all units had parking and there were plenty to choose from, with 34 units on the market
  • Finally, for families, there were five 3 bed / 2 bath units on the market with a median rent of $3200.

The fine print: Our survey was based on a search of Craigslist apartment listings using the keyword “West Hollywood” on 11/4-5/2012. We checked all addresses to ensure the units were in West Hollywood (as defined by the LA Times neighborhood mapping project); any units without an address specified were removed from the survey. For the raw data, click here: Final West Hollywood Rent Survey – Nov. 2012