Warning: Tough plumbing inspector on the prowl

If you’re rehabbing in the Silver Lake / Echo Park area, beware!

There is a really tough plumbing inspector handling all commercial (5+) unit inspections right now.

We had an inspector two years ago who delayed us on four separate projects (and took years off my life!). Among his greatest hits were:

  • Running a ruler along what was supposed to be a 12″ deep ditch, finding one spot where the depth was 11.5″, giving the plumber (who had a crew there with shovels waiting to fix any issues) a correction notice, and leaving the job-site, to return 3-4 days later;
  • Forcing us to remove 7 toilets and sinks because we were 1/2″ off the requisite clearance;
  • Arriving at an inspection, not finding parking immediately in front of the site, canceling the inspection, and refusing to return for three days.

He cost my old plumber, Garush, so much money that the guy filed bankruptcy and had a heart-attack (he survived, thankfully). I wish I were making this up.

Now, my new plumber, who is a serious, experienced pro, is telling me the new inspector on the beat is even tougher.

Consider yourselves warned.