My policy on meetings

I take them. With anyone who asks.

Why? First, there’s a bit of altruism at work. I’ve made a ton of mistakes in this business and I am happy to share my experiences with people so they don’t make them, too.

Second, I genuinely like talking to people about real estate (and lots of other things as well).

Third, because you never know what’s going to come out of a meeting. Maybe it’s the next big idea. Maybe it’s a new client. Maybe it’s a new investor.

Maybe, some day, I’ll get so busy or (self-)important that I’ll change my policy. But I hope that, if I do, you guys will call me on it. Shutting yourself off from new people and new ideas is the fastest way to make yourself irrelevant in this business or any other.

So, if you want to talk real estate, get in touch. We’ll have a coffee at Bottega Louie and who knows what will happen next?