Today’s agenda

Here’s what’s happening today:

  • Meeting a potential client for coffee in the morning
  • Finding out if a second appraisal hits for some clients for whom I’m brokering a fourplex deal; either it hits and I get paid all the work I’ve done on the deal over the past month or it doesn’t and I get nothing.
  • Negotiating a more-than-usually complicated agreement for some other clients to buy a 8+ unit building; hopefully, we make a deal and open escrow
  • Doing a walk-through of a 10+ unit deal with another client to determine if we want to buy it
  • Negotiating a deal to sell a building we renovated last year
  • Over-seeing a termite inspection and appraisal on another building we renovated and are selling

So, I apologize that I don’t have any wisdom or stories to impart today. Just hoping that we make some progress on each of the above deals. Wish me luck!