A confession

I’m a Redfin junky just like everyone else. I spend some time every day looking at single family houses in Eagle Rock, the Hollywood Hills, etc. I also look at properties in Big Bear and along the coast in Oxnard and Ventura. I even occasionally look at big spreads out west where land is ludicrously cheap.

It’s natural to lust after houses and land, particularly when you have a growing family. No one wants to live in a rental forever.

But every time I start to get serious about maybe buying one of these properties, I stop. I think about how much better it will be to have a portfolio of income producing assets. And, despite my Redfin-induced fantasies, I buckle down and get my head back into the apartment game.

Because there’s plenty of time for enjoying expensive luxury liabilities after you’ve already got plenty of dough. Buying them before you have your passive income stream(s) sorted out just prolongs the period during which you are financially insecure.

Any other junkies out there?