I’d like to try something new: Asking for your questions.

If you have a question about apartment buildings, either in LA or more generally, please either:

  1. Put it in the comments below, or
  2. (If you’re shy) email it to me at: moses [at] betterdwellings [dot] com

At some point in the next few weeks, I’ll compile the questions and my answers and post them here.

The following is going to sound like every teacher you ever had in middle school, but who cares?

There really aren’t any dumb questions, so please fire away. If you’ve been reading this blog and are finding something hard to grasp, it’s 100% because I’ve failed to provide a good explanation. And you can bet that, if I’ve failed to explain something to you, I’ve also failed to explain it to many other people reading this blog. So ask, already!

Look at it this way: If you don’t step forward and ask, I’m just going to have to make some questions up, and mine will be more boring for everyone else than yours will be.