Atwater Village Rent Survey – June 2012

Continuing our look at Eastside rents… As usual, we looked at ads posted on Craigslist for apartments within the boundaries of Atwater Village as defined by the LA Times neighborhood mapping project.

A few things to note:

  • These are asking rents; you could potentially negotiate them down
  • This particular survey took place towards the end of the month, so these units do not necessarily represent the best deals that were available this month
  • The survey size is very small, because there aren’t many units in Atwater (which is mostly a single family home type of place). There were only 12 bona-fide Atwater Village rentals available when we looked at the data.

That said, here’s a few interesting nuggets from the survey:

  • 2 beds are getting quite expensive. There’s one particularly unappealing listing at $1300 / month. Otherwise, you’re looking at $1800+ with a median of $2100. That’s approaching Silver Lake numbers.
  • Studios in Atwater are clustered in the Rancho Los Feliz development on the west side of the village. There were multiple units available and the rents seemed to fall as the month went on. If you’re looking for a deal, I’d get in touch with them and try to bargain.
  • The supply of 1 beds was vanishingly small – only two were available, with rents of $1295 and $1450.

The fine print: Our survey was based on a search of Craigslist apartment listings using the keyword “Atwater” on 6/27/2012. We checked all addresses to ensure the units were in Atwater; any units without an address specified were removed from the survey. To download the raw data, click here: Atwater Rent Survey – June 2012.