Project Tour: Saturday, May 12

OK, team. Here’s the plan:

On Saturday, May 12, at 1pm, my partner, Jon Criss, and I are going to lead a project tour. The idea is to show you how we do what we do. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. The math behind our business: We’ll do a quick, in person explanation of how you can buy a building, spend money renovating it, and have it be worth much more than the combined cost of buying and renovating (this part will take place in our office, where we have whiteboards)
  2. 1239 N. Westmoreland: We’ll take you to the property (which is still for sale, although there are multiple offers), give you all the numbers, and then show you how the renovation worked
  3. 4443 Willow Brook: Same as Westmoreland. We’ll show you how the numbers worked, what we actually did to the building, what we think it’s worth today and why.

Expect the whole thing to take two hours or so.

Why are we doing this? We’re always on the look-out for people to partner-up with on deals, brokerage opportunities, contracting gigs (Jon is a general contractor), etc. So we’re very happy to educate you on how we do what we do in order to start a relationship with you that will hopefully be profitable for you and for us.

Interested in coming along? We’re limiting this to seven people to keep the discussion lively and intimate. We have three spaces already reserved. So, if you want one of the other four spaces, please email me ASAP at