What I want from this blog: a community

Right now, this blog is very much a one-way conversation: I write about income properties and you read about them. It’s kind of like this:

From benhusmann (on Flickr)

But I want more. I want this to be the kind of place that like-minded people come to discuss Los Angeles real estate. I want it to be like a virtual version of my favorite restaurant, Madame Matisse, where I have breakfast a few times a week and talk to the staff and the other customers.

I’ve already met some of the people who read this blog regularly (Hi Larry! Hi Jason!) and I know they have tons of real estate knowledge they can contribute. And I’m betting there are a LOT more of you out there with wisdom to share.

And if you’re not an expert, you have something maybe even more valuable to bring to the community: questions. It’s pretty easy for me to forget that most people only buy real estate a few times in their lives (if ever). So sometimes I gloss over things that seem obvious to me but which are totally NOT obvious to new or potential investors. That’s where you new people come in… I need you to tell me what isn’t clear, what’s confusing, what you want to learn more about.

So take the leap. Post a comment. Ask a question. Disagree with me. And let’s turn this into an awesome community full of smart people figuring out how best to secure their financial futures through investing in real estate.