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Recalcitrant tenants and LA rent control

LA rent control makes it extremely hard to evict tenants as long as they pay rent. We can argue about whether that’s socially useful or not, but what I want to focus on today are the implications for running your buildings. The first thing you have to understand is that there are only two ways

Thank you!

I’ve been writing this blog for around three months now, give or take. And I just want to take the time today to say “thank you” to all of you. I have met amazing people here: first timers, seriously experienced investors, flippers, money guys, brokers, you name it. Without giving away names, I can tell

Grandfathered zoning in LA

What does “grandfathered zoning” mean with respect to apartment buildings? To understand that, you first need to understand that zoning in Los Angeles has generally become stricter over time. For a long time, there wasn’t any zoning. You could just buy a few single family homes, rip them down, and put up an apartment building.

How to value a building that needs work

Rarely do you come across an apartment building in Los Angeles that’s in truly mint condition. Everything’s got a few dings on it; that’s just part of buying older buildings. For those normal, everyday buildings, you figure out a range for the multiples of annual rent in the neighborhood, multiply the annual rents times the

More on dumb brokers

Further to my earlier post on dumb brokers: I am working with a couple now who came to me through this blog (hi guys!). They were previously working with another broker who had them in contract on a small building in the Miracle Mile area. The broker they were working with neglected to inform them

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