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208 S Avenue 58 is done

Just finished a sweet little 5-unit in Highland Park on behalf of another group. This one had concrete floors on the ground floor, so we polished them. The effect is a little industrial in the pics, but really cool in person. If you’re interested in an amazing, reasonably-priced 3 bed apartment in Highland Park, reach

What you’re borrowing against when you buy a single family home

Was talking to someone about whether she should buy a house last night and it dawned on me: Most people, even really smart people, don’t understand what they’re doing when they buy a house with a mortgage. Most people think, when they get a mortgage on a home, that they’re borrowing against the home. Wrong.

Two skills kids should have for life

Two things to which I will definitely¬†expose my kids well before they reach adulthood: Accounting. I know this is kind of lame, but accounting underpins the entire financial world. I regard it as a crime that learning basic accounting wasn’t required of me in highschool or college. Yeah, I would have protested at the time,

One effect of our preference for denser living

One of the themes to which we return again and again on this blog is the shift in consumer preferences from suburban, single-family homes to denser, urban apartments. I obviously love this shift, because it’s very good for our business. But, interestingly, the shift has not been good for housing sector, which is typically a

There are still deals

Just quoted a 4plex fee-for-service deal for a long-standing client. The headline numbers are: All-in for ~$1.45MM, inclusive of all renovation expenses and an acceptable fee to Adaptive 10.7x GRM 7% cap $291 / sq ft When it’s done, I think the owner would be able to refi the property at 75% LTV, pull out

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