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Rethinking our marketing

We’re in the midst of totally rethinking how we market our vacancies. Up to now, we’ve done things on an ad hoc basis, with each leasing consultant handling her assigned vacancies however she thought fit. Now, we’ve got enough projects coming on line that we need to systematize what we’re doing. So, we’d like to speak

Skyscraper Dreams

I don’t write about books much on this blog, but I’m a major reader. And, because I’m a real estate nerd, a lot of the books are either about real estate itself or related fields (like private equity, corporate takeovers, etc.). Am reading one now that’s got a ton of interesting anecdotes and thought I’d pass

Why we’re going to build a lot of studios not one beds

As you know, Adaptive is moving towards doing more ground-up construction projects. As we do, we’re learning more and more about the zoning code and how it shapes what gets built here. And as I learn, I’m going to share with you. So, that said, here’s an interesting factoid: The LA zoning code makes it almost


Am headed to Costa Rica for vacation this week, so posting will be light (again). The good news is that we’ve got an interesting ground-up deal in contract and are circling another interesting repositioning play. You knew I couldn’t actually not work for a week, right?

A short post day

Am heading down to Irvine with Jon to participate in a panel on mid-market acquisitions. So, in lieu of a longer post, here’s a group pic from the Adaptive holiday party last night… we’ve come a long way in three years!

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