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Imitation, flattery, blah blah blah

Went to an inspection today on a deal we’re thinking of buying. This was a weird one, in that the listing broker allowed all the buyers to walk through the property prior to having an accepted offer. I think this is good practice on the part of the listing broker, because it gives the seller

Some self-promotion

Have just been invited to join the panel at an Urban Land Institute forum on acquisitions. I’m going to have to figure out how to tone down my habitual profanity so that they’ll invite me back. Would love to see / meet readers there. Here’s the link for registration. The flyer is below:

Welcome to the new Kagans Blog

As you can see, we’ve renovated the site. Why? Because I want more people to sign up for my mailing list (you can sign up here). The mailing list is critical to our business, because that’s where many of our brokerage clients and equity investors come from. In order to raise the conversion rate (the percentage

Get on the mailing list

Am going to be sending out an interesting Highland Park opportunity in the next few days. It’s a little different from our usual deals, but it’s one in which we strongly believe. So, if you are a qualified investor (eg have a net worth exceeding $1MM exclusive of your home and/or income of $200k+ for

Immigration and real estate

Fellow not-under-rock-dwellers know that Obama issued an executive order yesterday granting a kind of contingent, temporary reprieve from deportation for several categories of illegal immigrants. This blog is about real estate, not politics, so I don’t want to get into debating whether what he did was right or wrong. But it is worth thinking a

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