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Learning from Charles Koch

Have been listening to Tim Ferris’s interview with Charles Koch, which pairs nicely with Sons of Wichita, which I read last year. In case you don’t know, separate from his efforts to bend our country’s politics to the right over the past 40 years or so (or, maybe, not so separate!), Koch is an extraordinary business

The pain of losing out to a price-chipper

For the last few months, we have been chasing a deal in a neighborhood we know well. The owner finally gathered offers from a bunch of potential buyers, including us. As usual for us, we gave our bottom line number and a commitment that we would not chip price. The broker knew us and, as

The surreal experience of turning down capital

Last week, I had three different, current investors separately ask me if I could take more of their capital. Sadly, right now, I can’t. While we’re deploying a fund, we’re fiduciaries for that fund, so I’m not going to take any capital for rivalrous deals (5+ units, LA County). And, while I can see some

Businesses to avoid: Remote, single-family home rentals

Was just reminded by a Curbed article about a mind-bogglingly stupid trend in real estate investment and figured I’d share why I think it’s so dumb. Here’s the deal: Many people working in big, coastal cities feel locked out of the property market, both for owner-occupancy and also for investment Online platforms have sprung up

Our internship program paid off handsomely

During this past summer, we had two interns from Princeton (where I got by BA) come and work with us for a month each. We created the (paid!) intern program mostly because neither Jon nor I knew that real estate private equity existed when we were in college, and we wanted to give some motivated

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