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On being a pain in the ass

When you get into a real estate deal, either as a buyer or as a broker, there’s tremendous inertia pushing towards closing. Escrow requests the EMD, inspections get scheduled, disclosures get signed, the contingency period ticks away. Everyone in the business likes it to be this way, because almost everyone, from the brokers to the

Welcome to the new Kagans Blog

As you can see, we’ve renovated the site. Why? Because I want more people to sign up for my mailing list (you can sign up here). The mailing list is critical to our business, because that’s where many of our brokerage clients and equity investors come from. In order to raise the conversion rate (the percentage

An intriguing article about murder in LA

The LA Times has an interesting article today about the release of a study recently completed on the nature of homicide in LA. Characteristically, the Times buries the ledes: Of the 260 homicides in LA during 2014, 62% of all homicides in LA are gang-related. While gangsters occasionally kill non-gangsters, the vast majority of gang-related killings

And… Metro backed down

Per Curbed, Metro backed down on their misguided plan to build generic medical offices in Boyle Heights’ Mariachi Plaza. However, whereas Curbed is presenting the change of plans as a win for anti-gentrification forces, I think the jury is still very much out. Given that BH residents have been pretty happy to have affordable housing

From whom should I borrow?

(Sorry for the obnoxious headline… my inner grammarian wouldn’t allow me to end a headline with a preposition.) Had a friend call me today asking that simple question. Turns out a broker has been pushing her to use a particular loan broker and my friend wanted to know if that was good advice or not. So, without

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