Today at Adaptive

Apologies for the sporadic posting; we have a lot of things cooking this week.

In case you wonder what life is like here at Adaptive, today we are:

  1. Attending an appraisal of 830-832 N Beaudry, a building we renovated via Fund 3 and which we are now refinancing;
  2. Attending an HPOZ meeting to figure out whether we can build what we need to build on a lot we want to buy; and
  3. Inspecting a large (for us) apartment building in a great location which we hope to make our next big project

So, you know, a nice quiet day…

What chutzpah!

Have been following a listing in Highland Park for a little while and wanted to share it with you all.*

It’s a decent-size deal in a good area at a somewhat reasonable price. So, what’s the big deal?

If you dig into the listing info, you will see that the building has an underground parking area, which is highly unusual for a building of this vintage in this area.

And if you check the permit record, you will (likely) come away convinced that the parking area was built entirely without permits.

Now, as many of you know, I did some un-permitted work early in my career, for which I paid dearly (so dearly that we never, ever do it now).

So I’ve been a cowboy. But I’ve never seen anyone cowboy in an underground garage… that is truly amazing. Undermining a building without the supervision of city engineers / inspectors is asking for major trouble in the event the thing collapses.

*Note: I’m not sharing the listing itself because I don’t want to cause trouble for the owner or listing broker, both of whom are honorable people, to my knowledge.

An irritating injunction

Per Curbed, a federal judge has just issued an injunction blocking the city from confiscating the property of homeless people on Skid Row.

His argument is that the city is not doing a good job of distinguishing between trash and valuable items (identification documents, medicine, etc.).

On the face of it, the judge’s argument makes sense. We don’t want our government to be causing any more pain and distress than is absolutely necessary… and taking away someone’s medicine seems to fail that test.

But I still think the judge is wrong, and here’s why: Government is first and foremost about providing citizens with a safe, orderly environment to live. Without this, it is not possible to exercise our other rights.

And what is going on on Skid Row is neither safe nor orderly. There, many homeless people spend their days gathering trash into piles and then disappearing, leaving their neighborhood to deal with the consequences.

Now, it’s true that the city and county need to do a better job of housing homeless people. (And we’ve talked at length on this blog about the challenges and opportunities in this area.)

But depriving the city of the means to deal with these piles of trash is insane… so insane that I’m tempted to ask where this judge lives. Because only someone who doesn’t see piles of garbage on his street every day could justify preventing the city from keeping itself clean.

229 S Avenue 60 is done

Thought you’d appreciate seeing pics of our latest project, a seven unit building on Avenue 60 in Highland Park.

The units are pretty awesome and come with lots of parking. Best of all, they’re walking distance to all the interesting galleries, bars, restaurants on Figueroa.

There’s a one bed at and six three beds at the property. If you’re interested in taking a look, please email Krystal [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com.

Ave 60_03

Ave 60_06

Ave 60_10

Ave 60_40