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Why we’re different buyers

Had an inspection today of a property we may renovate. The broker was reassuring me that the owner had partially re-piped the building with copper. Unlike almost any other buyer, this does not matter at all to us. Why? Because we almost always repipe during our renovations (and do everything else). In fact, very little

Some good news for Boyle Heights

Today is a very, very good day for Boyle Heights. The Exide battery recycling plant, the one that has been poisoning the air and ground in BH for decades, is shutting down. The company made a deal with the US attorney to close in exchange for the feds not pressing criminal charges for illegal dumping /

Real estate versus tech as a career

Had dinner with a friend last night who is in the process of gracefully winding down his start-up. Found myself vividly recalling how I felt when I realized that CAZT, the tech company I started with my brother, was never going to be large enough to be my career and that I would have to

Should I buy this Airbnb apartment building?

Sorry for the lack of posts Friday and yesterday; have been swamped with work, blah blah blah. Anyway: Have been getting a lot of questions about a for-sale triplex which is described by the listing broker as an “Airbnb ‘cash cow’ in the heart of Silver Lake.” (I’m not linking to the listing, because I

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