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Why I love density (it’s not what you think)

Last night, I walked over to the Last Bookstore, bought an interesting old novel for $6, walked home and read it. What does this have to do with real estate? Everything. Regular readers know I’m constantly banging on about density. I can’t stand the way city planning works in LA and I’m up on my

What we are doing here at Adaptive

Our business generally obeys a truism about investing: It’s relatively easy to generate market-beating returns with small amounts of money, but very difficult to do so with large amounts of money. Because we were capital-starved in the beginning, and needed to generate market-beating returns to attract more, we tuned the Adaptive model to generate market-beating

The CA Supreme Court just screwed up

Am a little late to the party on the California Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow so-called inclusionary zoning, but think it’s important to comment on what I regard as a total travesty. First, some background: Five years ago, the City of San Jose passed a law requiring that 15% of units in new buildings of 20

Conflicting interests in the money management business

The NY Times has an interesting article today about conflicts of interest between private equity firms and their investors. The specific conflict addressed relates to payments to outside vendors like law firms: In a nutshell, many private equity firms pay two different rates: A high one, when they’re paying with investor money and a low one,

807 N Madison is DONE

Am thrilled to announce the completion of yet another apartment repositioning project, this one the 10 unit front structure at 807 N. Madison. This deal has an interesting back-story. I helped the owners buy the building way back in 2012, pretty early in the history of Adaptive. In many ways, it was a typical Adaptive

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