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Against the Broadway people-mover

Yesterday, Curbed had an article about the proposed DTLA people-mover, which is apparently going to travel about the speed of a walking human. I’ve been a supporter of the project for a while, because I love Broadway and want it to continue to improve. But I’ve changed my mind, and here’s why: Two days ago,

Uh-oh… they’re baaaa-aaaccckkkk

We’ve now reached the point in the cycle where brokers describe their over-priced apartment deals as “condo conversion opportunities”. Why would a broker do this? Well, if your client demands a price so high that no buyer could actually achieve any kind of yield on their investment, you don’t really have many options. But, in all

Why I love density (it’s not what you think)

Last night, I walked over to the Last Bookstore, bought an interesting old novel for $6, walked home and read it. What does this have to do with real estate? Everything. Regular readers know I’m constantly banging on about density. I can’t stand the way city planning works in LA and I’m up on my

What we are doing here at Adaptive

Our business generally obeys a truism about investing: It’s relatively easy to generate market-beating returns with small amounts of money, but very difficult to do so with large amounts of money. Because we were capital-starved in the beginning, and needed to generate market-beating returns to attract more, we tuned the Adaptive model to generate market-beating

The CA Supreme Court just screwed up

Am a little late to the party on the California Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow so-called inclusionary zoning, but think it’s important to comment on what I regard as a total travesty. First, some background: Five years ago, the City of San Jose passed a law requiring that 15% of units in new buildings of 20

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