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Forced creativity

Back in 2010, anything you bought was a great deal. So, you didn’t have to be too creative… just buy anything, with decent financing, and you were probably getting a >10% cash-on-cash return. For the last 3-4 years, that has not been the case, at all. If you just buy a normal deal and do

A good book for prospective investors in real estate deals

Just read a really great book that I’d like to recommend here: Investing in Real Estate Private Equity, by “Sean Cook” (a pseudonym for an active market participant). The book is intended as a primer for (potential) passive investors in private real estate deals. It lays out all of the basic concepts, from pref to promote to fees, etc. Some

A tough choice on tenant approval

Recently, I had to make a really tough call regarding a new tenant. A little background: We’re finishing up a very large re-positioning deal; We’re very close to closing the refinancing, which should return ~90% of the capital invested in the project, leaving us with a >20% / yr cash-on-cash on the capital that remains

The two key levers

Read somewhere recently that the leader of a company ought to be able to write down the company’s key strategic objectives on one piece of paper. The idea is to make sure that the preponderance of the organization’s energy is oriented in the direction of a few key goals, rather than spread across many, minor

What we want to buy

Seems like everyday, I find myself explaining to brokers what it is that I want to buy. And I also hear from brokers that they read this blog. So, at the risk of boring the hell out of my regular readers, figured I’d remind everyone what we’re looking for. We want to buy older, dilapidated