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A moment of gratitude

Want to pause for a moment to express gratitude for where we are and how far we’ve come since we founded Adaptive Realty in 2011. Fund 1 was $3.8MM in equity, and it was only that big because I got extremely lucky and had a family office that I’d never worked with before come in

Forced creativity

Back in 2010, anything you bought was a great deal. So, you didn’t have to be too creative… just buy anything, with decent financing, and you were probably getting a >10% cash-on-cash return. For the last 3-4 years, that has not been the case, at all. If you just buy a normal deal and do

A good book for prospective investors in real estate deals

Just read a really great book that I’d like to recommend here: Investing in Real Estate Private Equity, by “Sean Cook” (a pseudonym for an active market participant). The book is intended as a primer for (potential) passive investors in private real estate deals. It lays out all of the basic concepts, from pref to promote to fees, etc. Some

A tough choice on tenant approval

Recently, I had to make a really tough call regarding a new tenant. A little background: We’re finishing up a very large re-positioning deal; We’re very close to closing the refinancing, which should return ~90% of the capital invested in the project, leaving us with a >20% / yr cash-on-cash on the capital that remains

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