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Teaching an old(er) dog a new trick

We just agreed to buy a new property, with the intent of executing a business model which is different from what we have done before. It’s not too far afield from what we have done before, so we have pretty much all of the relevant skills, relationships, etc. in house. But underwriting the opportunity has

An annoying new trend in apartment building listings

Apologies for the slow posting – have a lot going on right now. Wanted to highlight a ridiculous trend I’ve noticed recently in listings for apartment buildings. (Don’t want to offend anyone, so not going to name anyone in particular.) The trend is that brokers try to convince me to buy a property by noting

Where to find opportunities to cut construction costs

Have been spending some time reading about buying companies. One piece of advice is to buy suppliers that supply customers with a product or service which represents a small piece of the customers’ own business, but for which quality is crucial. For example, find a pipe-threading company that cuts pipe threads for oil and gas

A moment of gratitude

Want to pause for a moment to express gratitude for where we are and how far we’ve come since we founded Adaptive Realty in 2011. Fund 1 was $3.8MM in equity, and it was only that big because I got extremely lucky and had a family office that I’d never worked with before come in