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Why we’re going to build a lot of studios not one beds

As you know, Adaptive is moving towards doing more ground-up construction projects. As we do, we’re learning more and more about the zoning code and how it shapes what gets built here. And as I learn, I’m going to share with you. So, that said, here’s an interesting factoid: The LA zoning code makes it almost

A gap in the lending market

Today I want to talk about a major gap I see in the lending market. As a real estate entrepreneur, your choices for loans generally boil down to: Bank loans, which cost in the range of 3.5-4.5% but are painful to get (because of the underwriting process) and take 30-60 days to close; or Private

Checking in on our “rehab” deal

And… we’re back. As you know, we’re in the process of “rehabbing” a 4plex in Echo Park right now. I say “rehabbing”, because it’s effectively new construction, as you will see below. When we started this project, I was mentally prepared to treat it like a standard rehab deal, except with slightly more risk and


Am headed to Costa Rica for vacation this week, so posting will be light (again). The good news is that we’ve got an interesting ground-up deal in contract and are circling another interesting repositioning play. You knew I couldn’t actually not work for a week, right?

Genesis of a great deal

Today, we’re closing on a 4plex that warrants some special attention. It’s in a good neighborhood, it’s ~4700 sq ft, and we’re buying it for $810k, or $172 / sq ft. That’s a great deal in a neighborhood where the cheapest comp I can find in the last six months sold for $300 / sq.

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