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The banking time-sink

[Sorry for the paucity of posts; was on vacation with my family last week. Now I’m back in the saddle… eg, my desk chair.] Regular readers know that we take our fiduciary obligations to our investors, both actual and implied, very seriously. Among the most important of these is our responsibility to act as responsible

Rain’s coming

Yesterday’s LA Times had a pretty strongly-worded article warning about this winter’s El Nino, which is shaping up to be a once-in-a-generation weather event. Why am I writing about this now, during the summer, on a real estate blog? Because now would be a good time to replace worn-out roofs on your buildings. Once the rain

Are rents sustainable?

One of my agents was in my office yesterday wondering whether current rents are sustainable. She happens to be looking for a new apartment and can’t believe 1/1s are going for $1350 in City Terrace. In my opinion, rents are very sustainable and, if anything, likely to increase. Why? During the Great Recession, tons and

There are still deals

Just quoted a 4plex fee-for-service deal for a long-standing client. The headline numbers are: All-in for ~$1.45MM, inclusive of all renovation expenses and an acceptable fee to Adaptive 10.7x GRM 7% cap $291 / sq ft When it’s done, I think the owner would be able to refi the property at 75% LTV, pull out

A new kind of deal for our brokerage

Today, one of the clients of our brokerage is closing on a really interesting fourplex deal. The minute I saw this one on the MLS, I liked it… it’s big, (mostly) non-rent controlled, in an interesting area, on a large lot (so plenty of parking and outdoor space), etc. The reason I’m writing about it

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