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How to think about entering a new neighborhood right now

Because the market is hot and interesting deals are fewer and farther between, we’ve been poking around in some new neighborhoods. Is this crazy? After all, isn’t a hot market exactly the wrong time to go outside your circle of competence? Under some circumstances, it’s not. If you can find a deal with good numbers and

When is a rehab not a rehab?

When is a rehab not really a rehab? Here are some pics of a deal on Alvarado, a duplex we’re changing into a 4plex. As you’ll see, the only thing separating this “rehab” from a ground-up project is, well, a door-frame. On 7/28, after we bought it: On 9/17, mid demo: On 10/29, as the foundation

Why the rent is so damn high

Someone asked me yesterday why the rent in LA is so damn high. Figured it would make an interesting post for the blog, so here goes: Demand for close-in apartments in all major cities is growing due to: Demographics, eg more people in the prime rental age range of, says, 22-35; and A society-wide shift

Why we pull the permits and how we share them with clients

Here’s an annoying catch-22 in which we often find ourselves in the brokerage business: Obtaining permits for a client. To understand why, you first need to understand how important it is to pull the permits on any building before buying it. The idea of the due diligence process conducted during the contingency period is to

In defense of micro-units

Just read a fairly irritating article over at Curbed LA regarding “micro-units”, which are generally defined as apartments smaller than 400 sq ft. The tone of the article is pretty negative. The blogger (whose work I generally like) spends a lot of time emphasizing how small 400 sq ft is. Micro-units are part of the

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