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The kind of risk we take

Was talking with an investor earlier this week about possibly financing our next ground-up deal. He considered our proposed deal structure and said, basically, “You guys aren’t taking any risk”. Which is sort of true, because we proposed to not put our own money in the deal. Instead, we were offering to backstop losses, partially fund overages,

Building a platform

Here’s a sobering fact: The overhead at Adaptive Realty runs something like $45k / month. That means, before Jon and I see $1 in 2016, we need to bring in revenue of around $540k. Why have we set our business up like this, rather than just being “deal doers” who are lean and mean? The

Some lessons from Skyscraper Dreams

Finally finished Skyscraper Dreams over the weekend. Lessons learned: It’s best to start a real estate business when it’s possible to leg into 20% caps (this is now impossible); Ideally, you would build your 20% caps in a city destined to become the world’s financial capital, so that you would also benefit from massive land

4443 Willow Brook is for sale (again)

Don’t get excited. I’m not breaking my prohibition against selling any more properties. 4443 Willow Brook is a 10 unit complex Jon and I renovated in 2010-11 via our old entity, Better Dwellings. We sold it in 2012 for $2.1MM, which was around 10x the rent. Whoops. We made a bunch of money on the

How to handle weather-related construction delays

El Nino is finally here and we’re pretty well prepared, at least with respect to the existing portfolio. But, unsurprisingly, construction workers generally don’t love working in the rain. And that confronts us with an irritating dilemma. We can: Suck up the resulting construction delays; or Bonus the workers (either directly or via their employing

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