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A great article about robo-cars

On Friday, had a funny discussion with our largest investor regarding the value of parking spaces. His joke was that, when I’ve got loads of parking, I tell him how valuable parking is, and when I’m under-parked, I start talking about Uber. I’m not admitting that’s true, but I did tell him that I think

We’re a little bit different

Had an interesting tour yesterday of a building we probably won’t buy. The reason it was interesting is that we were reminded, yet again, of how differently we look at acquisition targets. The broker began to give us a whole spiel about how many of the units had been renovated, what the rents were, how

Do you want to pay the price?

Every morning, when I’m leaving the gym, I ask myself one question: Did I pay the price? What I mean by that is: Did I put in the effort necessary to get the result I want? It’s kind of a gut check, just to see if I really tried or if, for whatever reason, I slacked.

Rethinking our marketing

We’re in the midst of totally rethinking how we market our vacancies. Up to now, we’ve done things on an ad hoc basis, with each leasing consultant handling her assigned vacancies however she thought fit. Now, we’ve got enough projects coming on line that we need to systematize what we’re doing. So, we’d like to speak

Update on 830-832 N Beaudry

Today, we’re putting the finishing touches on 830-832 Beaudry, a 7 unit building we renovated through Adaptive Realty Fund 3. This project ran into some hurdles and was delayed approximately three months past its scheduled completion date. Some of the delay was unavoidable, but most of it was the contractor failing to supply sufficient labor

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