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Yet another irritating appraisal issue

Just had an annoying issue pop up on an appraisal one of my agents commissioned and thought I would share. This is a deal where we are representing the buyer of a somewhat run-down fourplex in an improving area. The buyer intends to spend some money upgrading the property post closing. However, the appraiser is

First concept for interiors on our first true ground-up project

Am unreasonably excited today because we got the drawing below via email from our architect: That’s his first crack at the interiors on the new fourplex we’re building in Highland Park. Now, I’m quite certain that Jon is going to have a field-day marking this baby up (for example: that kitchen is pretty damn small!).

Keep talking

I spend an unbelievable amount of time either negotiating myself or quarterbacking other peoples’ negotiations. This doesn’t mean I’m good at it. In fact, I think I’m probably only an average negotiator, at best. But it does mean I’ve learned some things. And the most important of these is: Keep talking. Fairly often, I find

More NIMBYism in Hollywoord

Here’s a ridiculous example of NIMBYism ruining our city. You ought to be able to build lots of apartments in already-dense areas on major commercial streets near subway stations. If you can’t build them there, where should you be able to build them? And, if someone wants to an answer “nowhere”, then that person has to be honest

The difficulty in building a money management business

Had an interesting dinner last night with a couple of guys who work for other people but are thinking about going out on their own to do deals. Found myself explaining the difficulty inherent in doing so and think it might interest you, my readers. The money management business is fundamentally amazing at scale. Here’s

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