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Strategic clarity, at last

Probably the most important job for the leader of any organization is to establish and communicate a simple strategy for that organization. Maybe that’s easy for other leaders. But I like to “Hamlet” things… go back and forth, see the positives and negatives of different courses of action, and generally fail to be decisive. So,

Why I’m nice to cold-calling brokers

Just like everyone else who owns property, my phone rings off the hook every day with brokers calling me, trying to get me to list my properties for sale. No one likes receiving cold marketing calls, including me. But I do my best to be kind to the people calling. Why? I’m not a seller,

Managing a network of capital providers

Pretty much everyone who gets into doing real estate deals starts with a single deal that looks good to her. If she manages to raise the money, close the deal, and execute, she probably gets opportunities to do more deals, and that’s how a career in real estate deal-making is born. But one of the

Carrying the weight

Recently, a guy I see almost every day asked me about potentially investing with us. To be nice, he caveated his request by making it clear he would understand if I preferred not to take money from someone I have to see all the time, in case things go wrong. Because I’ve never solicited capital

How we think about talent

Read an article today (on LinkedIn, so I can’t easily provide a link) by a guy who had trouble finding work after taking a few years off to raise his children. Should start out by acknowledging the irony of me noticing an article about this topic by a guy… this is a problem that women