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The importance of a great insurance broker

Want to get into the business of repositioning apartment buildings? You’re going to spend a ton of time working with insurance brokers. Why? Well, consider what happens when you buy a building: You need a standard policy for the period between closing on the building and the beginning of construction; Then, you need a construction

Letting a pitch go by

When someone joins Adaptive, one of the things I tell her is that she should not worry too much about making a mistake. The reasons are that (i) we can fix pretty much any mistake, so long as we know about it*; and (ii) Jon and I make bigger mistakes than any of our employees

What hustle can do for you

Further to my earlier post about the amount of opportunity available for Millennials who want to seize it… thought I’d share with you the experience of one of our leasing agents this weekend. Keep in mind this woman has a full-time job she works during the week. Instead of sitting around all weekend (like I

AirBnB in Silver Lake

Spent a bunch of time yesterday arranging an AirBnB for my parents, who are coming to LA for six weeks this spring. What does this have to do with a multifamily blog? A lot. The pricing for stand-alone, decent 1/1 – 2/1 houses is in Silver Lake is basically $3500-4000 / month. That compares with

What we want to buy (part 346)

The market for apartment buildings has been dry as a bone so far this year and I’m starting to get antsy again. Judging from past experience (documented on this blog), what this means is that I’ll be in escrow on like three deals next week. But, for the sake of leaving no stone unturned, allow

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