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Keep talking

I spend an unbelievable amount of time either negotiating myself or quarterbacking other peoples’ negotiations. This doesn’t mean I’m good at it. In fact, I think I’m probably only an average negotiator, at best. But it does mean I’ve learned some things. And the most important of these is: Keep talking. Fairly often, I find

More NIMBYism in Hollywoord

Here’s a ridiculous example of NIMBYism ruining our city. You ought to be able to build lots of apartments in already-dense areas on major commercial streets near subway stations. If you can’t build them there, where should you be able to build them? And, if someone wants to an answer “nowhere”, then that person has to be honest

The difficulty in building a money management business

Had an interesting dinner last night with a couple of guys who work for other people but are thinking about going out on their own to do deals. Found myself explaining the difficulty inherent in doing so and think it might interest you, my readers. The money management business is fundamentally amazing at scale. Here’s

Clean up MacArthur Park!

Here in LA, we’re not exactly over-supplied with parkland. So it’s particularly galling that MacArthur Park, one of the true gems of the city, is in such an appalling state. It’s surrounded by dilapidated buildings, covered in garbage, and overflowing with illegal vendors and people sleeping rough. Yes, the area around MacArthur Park is a

Something I’m pretty bad at

I’m pretty bad at doing deals for myself and my family (as opposed to doing them on behalf of investors). Why? With investor deals, we’re not capital constrained. We raise all of the cash necessary up front and are therefore in a position to make optimal choices vis-a-vis renovations, etc. With family deals, I’m always

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