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Learning, some more, from Buffett

Am in the process of going through Carol Loomis’ Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything 1966-2013, which is spectacular. Have taken away two nuggets which are relevant to our business, one great and one not-so-great. The first comes in the form of a comment Buffett made to a bunch of MBA students,

What I learned at adult nerd camp

Last week, a fellow investing geek and I journeyed to Columbia, MO to take part in the inaugural Capital Camp, a three day meeting of vaguely weird people like us. Aside from various tornado-related travel snafus, the trip was excellent. It turns out there is a small but vibrant community of finance geeks, mainly to

Strategic clarity, at last

Probably the most important job for the leader of any organization is to establish and communicate a simple strategy for that organization. Maybe that’s easy for other leaders. But I like to “Hamlet” things… go back and forth, see the positives and negatives of different courses of action, and generally fail to be decisive. So,

Why I’m nice to cold-calling brokers

Just like everyone else who owns property, my phone rings off the hook every day with brokers calling me, trying to get me to list my properties for sale. No one likes receiving cold marketing calls, including me. But I do my best to be kind to the people calling. Why? I’m not a seller,

Managing a network of capital providers

Pretty much everyone who gets into doing real estate deals starts with a single deal that looks good to her. If she manages to raise the money, close the deal, and execute, she probably gets opportunities to do more deals, and that’s how a career in real estate deal-making is born. But one of the

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