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Maybe my favorite example of insane city land-use

Want to see insane city land-use in action? Here’s a city-owned ~170,000 sq ft lamp-post storage yard: Note its location, 1.5 blocks from a major Red Line stop and three blocks from Sunset Junction, the coolest part of Silver Lake: [Map revised with help from PM – thanks!] At 170,000 sq ft, if this property were

Thinking through the implications of interest rate increases

Right now, the thing on everyone’s mind in real estate is the likely impact of increasing interest rates on asset values. As the economy continues to improve, the stage is being set for the Fed to increase rates in order to manage inflation. The Fed would probably have done this anyway, but Trump’s proposed combination of

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

In the beginning of Adaptive, we found ourselves in the annoying situation of having more deals than capital to do them. We “solved” this problem by doing these deals on a fee-only basis (eg in exchange for cash fees but no upside in the deals). I put “solved” in quotes because this was a terrible

A little capitalism appreciation

Drove by a gas station with advertising $2.57 / gallon last night and had my mind blown. Consider what’s involved in getting that product to that location at that price: Finding a large deposit of oil (which required drilling a bunch of dry holes first, I’m sure) Installing drilling equipment Pumping ~2 gallons of oil Transporting it

Thinking through Trump’s profit repatriation idea

As you may know, US companies have something like $2T in cash sitting overseas because they don’t want to pay 35% corporate income tax to bring it back on-shore. President Trump is apparently working on a proposal to allow companies to repatriate those profits at a much lower tax rate – something like 10-15%. The

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