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What we want to buy (part 346)

The market for apartment buildings has been dry as a bone so far this year and I’m starting to get antsy again. Judging from past experience (documented on this blog), what this means is that I’ll be in escrow on like three deals next week. But, for the sake of leaving no stone unturned, allow

Why a real estate career isn’t that risky

I began my career in investment banking helping entrepreneurs sell their media and tech companies to bigger, usually public companies. I quit because I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial myself. My first venture was a pretty stupid one. I invested a lot of time and money into an interesting tech concept, but one

Rebuilding the plane in the air

One of the strange things about Adaptive is that neither Jon and I have never managed lots of people before. So, as our operation has grown, we have had to learn by trial and error (mostly error, honestly) about hiring, retaining, motiving people. We’ve also found ourselves having to re-think entire aspects of our operations,

Yet another bad regulatory innovation

There’s a proposal up for discussion this week at the city council’s Housing Committee that warrants some discussion. In a nutshell, the city is considering requiring every landlord of a rent stabilized unit to report the rent she is charging to the city every year. Why? Because apparently there are hundreds of people being overcharged.

Looking for an intern

Readers: We’re looking for an intern. Ideal candidate will be available to spend, say, 10-15 hours per week with us. The intern will work on some interesting / serious stuff but also plenty of scut work. Would be a good way for a college (or, potentially, an extremely mature highschool) student to learn about our business. Pay

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