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What I’ve learned about hiring and team building

Of all the things we do at Adaptive, the least glamorous, but possibly most important, is hiring and building team culture. In building our team, we confront a set of annoying problems: We are not exactly curing cancer here at Adaptive. Very, very few people grow up excited about the idea of renovating and managing

Looking for talent (as usual!)

Regular readers know I’m fascinated by the history of the Blackstone Group, which is currently the world’s largest alternative asset manager. I love the story. Steve Schwarzman and Pete Peterson took one look at what KKR was doing with earlier LBOs and immediate set out to build their own shop. But they didn’t stick to

Where my ideas come from

Was talking my Lyft driver’s ear off yesterday about how he ought to skip law-school and instead start or buy his own business. Realized that I have a very specific view on how someone can go about doing this that has been shaped by a lot of reading / listening over time. Figured I’d share

One of the dumbest things I ever did

Was just going back through old posts for inspiration and came across this one, which rivals anything I’ve ever done for shear idiocy. If you found gold lying on the ground, would you: Jump up and down screaming about how there was gold on the ground so as to call it to the attention of

The market feels different

Regular readers know that I often complain about the lack of deals in the market. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m sure I’ll never stop. (I can hear Mr. Lyons, my old faculty advisor at the Phillipian, repeating his joke about the whiny Kagan brothers…) But, right now, the LA multifamily market feels