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A bit of inspiration

In light of all the doom and gloom about our country bouncing around during this election season, thought I’d share a story that inspires me every time I think about it. Our gardener in in his 70s. He came here from Mexico a million years ago. He and his company care for the landscaping at

Tax return absurdity

  Late last week, one day before the deadline, I submitted my personal return for 2015. Now, in light of what’s gone on with Trump’s return, I think I should begin by noting that, as an “active real estate investor”, I probably get more tax breaks than anyone. So I’m not in any position to

Finally, we’re in the ground

Thought you all might appreciate some pics of the beginning of our latest ground-up development project. It took forever to get the permits on this, despite the project being totally by-right. But it’s going to be worth it, because the neighborhood in question is on a tear and it’s impossible to buy anything to rehab

Capital, family and meaning

Many of you know that I have a pair of young sons. Have been doing a lot of thinking about what, exactly, holds a family together through generations and gives people purpose and a sense of connection. Obviously, there are a whole range of ideas, stories, personal relationships, customs, memories, etc. But there’s one other

How restrictive zoning slows economic growth

Had an interesting conversation with a good friend re the impact of zoning on the economy. In the midst of discussing the growth of Silicon Beach, I had kind of an epiphany. Because of how we control land use around the beach (including the Coastal Commission, the Mello Act, specific plans, etc.), we are dramatically

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