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4234 Lockwood is done

This one was an absolute bear. But now it’s done and I think you’ll agree it looks dope. It’s also right in Virgil Village, a short walk from Sunset Junction… so, near enough to the action without being too crazy. The building is a mix of 1 bed, 2 bed, and 3 bed units. We

Why work with Adaptive

Met with a potential new agent for Adaptive yesterday who asked an interesting question: What differentiates Adaptive from other brokerages that he might join? The answer is actually pretty simple: Unlike pretty much every other brokerage I can think of, Adaptive specializes in advising buyers of investment property (as opposed to sellers). Representing sellers is definitely

Passing on some great management advice

Sorry for the limited posting last week; I was up in SF at the EisnerAmper Real Estate Private Equity Conference. At the conference, heard a talk about building an “excellent, enduring organization”, which is obviously what we are trying to do here at Adaptive. The talk included several good pieces of advice, but one really stood

My random meeting policy pays off

Had a really interesting meeting yesterday that opened my eyes to a large new market. The meeting was with someone who came across our company via our ads for apartments, found the blog, and reached out. Regular readers know I’ll take pretty much any meeting, so long as the person is willing to come to

Silver Lake rents and operating margins

Spent some time this morning looking at rents in Silver Lake. When we started in this business back in 2008, a really nice 1 bed in Silver Lake was around $1500. Today, a similar apartment goes for $2200-2300. That’s an increase of ~50% in eight years… or around 5-5.5% / year (inclusive of compounding). But that’s

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