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The numbers are in: South of the 101 is better than Silver Lake

On the numbers alone, buying income property south of the 101 beats buying in Silver Lake. There, we said it. Before we get to the numbers, the area we’re talking about includes part of Westlake/Historic Filipino Town and the southern part of Echo Park. We’re going to call it…”South of the 101″. Here’s a map: Here’s

How to estimate what your property taxes will be

When you buy an apartment building, your two biggest costs will be your mortgage and your property taxes. It’s easy enough to estimate your what your mortgage payments will be (try this calculator)… but how do you estimate your property taxes? In California, we’re blessed with Proposition 13, which effectively limits your property taxes to

1031 Exchange 101

The 1031 Exchange is one of the better things about investing in apartment buildings. It’s a section of the tax code which allows investors in investment property to defer capital gains taxes on property sold in exchange for re-investing the proceeds in more property. To understand why it’s such a powerful tax loophole, we need

Why more units are better than fewer

Once you’re sold on the idea of buying an apartment building, the next question is: “What to buy?” One of the important principles to keep in mind is that it’s usually better to buy more units than fewer for a given amount of money. To see why, let’s compare two different deals on the same

Why you should get pre-approved for a loan

Say you decided to sell your building and I offered to buy it. Say I offered you the following deal: I’ll buy your building for $1MM, but first I want you to guarantee you won’t sell it to anyone else for the next 45 days while I get the money together. You would be an

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