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Follow Neal and Jodi’s Landlord Adventures

Jodi and Neal, friends who I helped buy a duplex in Echo Park a few months ago, are writing an awesome blog documenting their experiences as first time landlords: The most recent entry describes their first landlord emergency, involving a clogged pipe and a weekend call to the plumber. It’s a great reminder that

Why choosing a good listing broker matters

Some people have the impression that who your listing (selling) broker is doesn’t matter that much. After all, whoever it is is going to put the property up on the MLS, maybe have an open house or two, and then collect offers. Who cares how knowledgeable that person is? Why not just hire your cousin

The South LA Strategy

Just had lunch with a potential buyer (hi Bill!) who’s thinking of dumping around $1MM into LA apartment properties. He is comparing the opportunities available here with those available in Vegas, Florida, Phoenix and other depressed markets. He’s looking for a very high, 10+% cash-on-cash yield with room for lots of appreciation. Obviously, getting to

One space available on Saturday property tour

Just had someone cancel last minute, so we have room for one more. Here’s what we’re going to do: Meet at our office in Silver Lake at 1pm this Saturday Start with a quick discussion of the numbers behind our deals Go tour 2-3 of our properties where we’ll discuss what attracted us to the

Why we have video cameras at our buildings

Hint: It’s not what you think. We have cameras because they’re very, very useful in resolving disputes with tenants. Here are a few examples: We had a tenant in 2516 Kent St. who insisted that she didn’t have a dog. She hadn’t disclosed a dog when she applied for the apartment and certainly hadn’t paid

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