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How to choose a broker to sell your property

First things first. Don’t sell property if you can avoid it! But, if you must sell, use a broker. Choosing a broker and figuring out how to work with him* successfully is the most important part of any sale process. (*Note I’m using “he” and “him” here, but many of the best brokers are female. Just a

Looking for a larger apartment deal?

I’m going to send a tasty one to the mailing list on Monday. It’s the kind of deal where you park $300k and get a very safe 12% return with the potential for a lot of upside. If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about (with me on board or

Forgive me for venting

It’s really not that hard to update the MLS on the status of your listings. It takes about five seconds to tell them to switch your property from “active” (in other words, available for someone to buy) to “pending” (in other words, under contract to be sold). And yet a small but non-zero number of

Will I manage your property?

I get asked periodically by owners if my organization would manage their properties for them. Generally speaking, the answer is no. The reason is that our time is much better spent on our own projects, where we can reap the rewards of our very specialized skill-set. Hiring us to collect the rents on a stable

When a deal goes bad

If you make enough deals, eventually one goes sour. Here’s one that went sour on me… We were looking into developing some small-lot sub-division homes in Silver Lake. We found a lady selling a house on a properly-zoned  piece of land. We contacted her next door neighbor, whose duplex wasn’t for sale, and convinced him

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