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Inspection day!

Sorry for the late post today. Am sitting on a small street in W LA waiting for an inspection to begin. We’ve been through the initial phase, winning what was a very competitive auction. Now it’s on us (my clients and me) to do a thorough investigation of the property. First step: Go through each

Buying from foreclosure auctions

Is it worth getting involved in buying properties through county foreclosure auctions? The short answer is “maybe”. First, some background: When a borrower defaults on a loan in CA (usually by failing to pay), the trustee who holds title to the property in question is directed by the lender to hold a trustee’s auction. At

How to determine what your mortgage payment would be

As part of WordPress, the software that runs this blog, I can see the search terms that land people on my site. Almost every day, there is someone asking Google something like “what are my payments at 5% on $400,000”. Figured I’d share with you how I estimate those. If I’m doing a spreadsheet, I

When to refuse rent from a tenant

You might think that your job, as a Los Angeles landlord, is always to get your tenants to pay rent. And you’d be wrong. There is one situation where you absolutely do not want to accept rent from your tenant under any circumstances: When you have a tenant you want to get rid of and

One phrase you want to include in all apartment offers

Almost all contracts for the purchase and sale of apartment buildings in Los Angeles are created using the standard California Association of Realtors (CAR) form. Overall, I believe the terms of this standard contract are pretty fair for both buyers and sellers (with the exception of the seller’s ability to tie up the buyer’s deposit

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